birth coaching bellevue

Come and see me for some personal one on one consultation time where we can spend time completing your birth or parenting preparation before baby is born, help you process a previous birth to help prepare for your upcoming birth. 

Drawing from my many years experience as birth doula and childbirth educator, I am a knowledgeable and no judgmental source of information, providing a safe place to talk and find clarity.

Perhaps you have taken a class and it didn't quite answer all your questions, or you feel the need for more support or resources. Let me help you fill in the gaps.

Birth coaching

  • Pain coping practice

  • Help to prepare you for the twists and turns of labor and birth.

  • Coping with fears in the birth room using birth art and/or guided visualizations

  • Postpartum planning

  • Preparing you for birth second time (or more) around

  • VBAC preparation

  • Sibling preparation

60-minute session price in-office or Skype - $75
In home session - $100

90-minute session price in-office or Skype - $100
out-call to Eastside locations within 30 minutes of Sammamish - $125


Appointments available at my home office in Sammamish, in your own home or by Skype.