Using a rebozo in labor

Using a rebozo in labor

Are you looking for compassionate doula care with a non judgmental holistic approach and skilled bodywork?  Then I am the doula for you!

For most of us, birth is hard and asks us to dig deep and perhaps go beyond our perceived limits to find a new place of inner strength and empowerment. In my years as a birth doula I have seen many women find that place of strength to go beyond what they thought they could, and I have come to see my role as a unique blend of compassion, empowerment and practical hands on support. 

I am here to help you work towards your goals with a blend of emotional support, physical tools such as reflexology, Reiki, massage and a TENS unit, and creative resources for labor such as pain coping techniques and labor positions.

How I can help you and your partner

Having the support of someone who has experienced many births is invaluable to you both.  Before you go into labor, I am there as someone you can feel supported by.  During labor, your partner can relax knowing they don't have to remember everything they learnt at the childbirth class, I am there to remind you of anything you need to know or to go and get ice chips or a snack allowing your partner to be by your side and also enabling your partner to take a break.  You need never be alone, unless you want to be! 

If your goal is a drug free birth, you likely have a vision of what you want but also a concern that you may not be able to cope.  As your doula, I will help you work creatively with the unpredictability of birth should an unwished for event happen or intervention be necessary. I can help you both make an informed decision and work to navigate a new path if it becomes necessary, come to a place of peace and work progressively with your new birth vision, helping you birth with confidence and empowerment whatever your birth looks like.

You can have the best birth possible!

Georgie went above and beyond as a doula. Before experiencing childbirth I could have never known how important having Georgie would be during the process, during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.
— Madisun

My presence as a birth doula may result in the birth of your dreams or it may look very different from what you anticipate.  My goal is to support and guide you to have the best birth possible.

Cost of my service is $1,500 with a $500 deposit due when you hire me and the balance due 2 weeks after your birth.

I am happy to offer payment plans.  My birth doula services may be eligible for reimbursement on your FSA or HSA account and I am also happy to provide an itemized receipt for possible reimbursement on your insurance - contact your insurance company to check whether you are covered.

I happily work with families on the Eastside including Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue, Duvall, Carnation, Issaquah, and Fall City.

I would love to talk with you on the phone if you have any questions before we get together for an informal one hour consultation.

My birth doula service at a glance:

  • Free initial, no obligation consultation.
  • Two home prenatal visits of two hours each to meet with you and your partner.*
  • Unlimited telephone/email/text support during pregnancy and after the birth.
  • On call availability two weeks before your due date and for two weeks after.
  • Continuous support and a calm presence from whenever you need me in labor until approximately two hours after the birth.
  • Reflexology mini sessions during prenatal and postpartum visits if time allows.
  • Reflexology during labor.
  • Reiki during labor.
  • Obstetric TENS unit use.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Two home postpartum visits of approximately 2 hours each, one soon after the birth.* 

* Prenatal and postpartum visits can be mixed and matched.  For example, if you have taken my childbirth class you may not feel you need two prenatal visits, therefore you can have three visits postpartum.  Alternatively, you can use one visit for an at-home full Reflexology session before or after the birth, or for an Infant Reflexology private class after the birth. Your choice!  

I was very calm during the whole labor, which I attribute to Georgie’s care, she new exactly what was needed and didn’t interfere with husband/wife moments.
— Julia
Georgie is smart, knowledgeable, caring and funny and she also made my husband feel cared for and a part of the process.
— Melissa

Free TENS unit use

TENS unit Sammamish Redmond
TENS rental issaquah

Routinely used in the UK for labor pain relief, the TENS (trans-cutaneous electronic nerve stimulation) unit is a must during labor. Using 4 electrode pads placed on your lower back, mild electrical impulses are passed into the nerve fibers.  This helps your body produce its own pain killing chemicals known as endorphins and also may interrupt the pain messages being sent to the brain.  

I use a small obstetric Obi TENS unit, which has a boost button to change the pattern of the stimulation during contractions so the body does not get used to the same stimulation. The Obi TENS unit is a state-of-the art, efficient method of drug-free pain relief with no known side effects, but it is advised to let your caregiver know your plan to use it.  The unit should be used as soon as you suspect you are in labor and electrode pads must be removed before entering the tub, shower or birthing pool.  The TENS unit does not disrupt external fetal monitoring and can be used throughout labor.

I do also have TENS units for rent at a cost of $40 for a 5 week rental period (3 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after) for non doula clients.  A fully refundable deposit of $40 is also required. Please contact me for more information.