Childbirth classes Issaquah
Georgie was very warm and approachable and took the time to answer all our questions, she is very passionate and knowledgeable about birth
— A dad in class
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A fun, lively, childbirth class with a personal touch

If you are looking for a childbirth class that offers a personal touch, and encourages deep connections with yourself, your partner and your baby, then I have the class for you!

My Birthing From Within class prepares you not only for birth but for your new role as parents and helps you prepare emotionally as well as understanding how labor works and what to expect during labor, birth and early postpartum.

My teaching style is relaxed and humorous, I offer a holistic approach to childbirth and parenting preparation.

Your time in class is a safe space to voice any worries and concerns about birth and parenting and is a supportive environment to face your unwished for events to enable you to have an empowering birth experience, however you birth your baby.

Lots of pain coping practice

Whatever you have planned for your birth, to have an epidural or to try to have a medication free labor and birth, one thing is for sure, you will have to cope with pain, even if it is only in early labor.  

A lot of time is spent in class practicing pain coping techniques helping you build on coping skills you already have and discovering new ones, some based on mindfulness practices which can be practiced in your everyday life to cope with stress.

Preparation for postpartum too!

We will also explore what to expect after your baby is born in the first few weeks, including breastfeeding and how to understand how your baby communicates his or her needs.  After all, the birth of your baby is the birth of your new family!