Placenta Encapsulation Logistics

If you have decided you would like me to encapsulate your placenta, here are some helpful tips.

  1. If you are birthing at a hospital ask the staff beforehand what the procedure would be for keeping the placenta cold, they may allow you to place it in the refrigerator or you may need to bring a cool box with you to the hospital.

  2. Let your care provider know that you wish your placenta saved for encapsulation. at one of your prenatal appointments.  Ask if there is a form you need to sign.

  3. Include in your birth plan that you wish to keep your placenta.

  4. Let me know as soon as you think you may be in labor so I can be ready to collect your placenta after your baby is born, text me on 425-417-0873.

  5. After the placenta is delivered your nurse or midwife will check it for completeness and then put it into a container which may be a plastic bag or a tub.  Have someone prepared to part fill your cool box with ice if necessary and place the placenta in its container inside.  

  6. Text or call me to let me know it is ready for collection. I usually collect between 8.30am and 10pm as soon as possible after delivery, as my schedule allows.

  7. I will collect your placenta, prepare it and return the capsules to you within 72 hours to your home or hospital if you have an extended stay.