Creating a new person is amazing - good diet, exercise and emotional and physical balance, for both Mom and Dad-to-be, is essential. Regular reflexology sessions in the months leading up to conception of a baby aid relaxation, reduce mental and physical stress and balance the body to optimal health.


Infertility and Assisted conception

Reflexology can help bring hormonal and emotional balance to the body and reduce the stress of trying to conceive which can be a factor in unexplained infertility in both men and women.

Reflexology can help the couple who are going through IVF or other methods of assisted conception by reducing the feelings of stress involved. Dad-to-be should also have sessions to reduce his stress, enabling him to be a better support for his partner.

When a doctor tells a woman who has difficulty conceiving that ‘it’s all in your head,’ I always say. ‘Well, if the problem’s in the head the solution is partially in your feet!’
— Laura Norman, Feet First

60-minute session price in-office- $75  
out-call to Eastside locations within 30 minutes of Sammamish - $100

90-minute session price in-office - $100
out-call to Eastside locations within 30 minutes of Sammamish - $125

Appointments available at my home office in Sammamish or in your own home